Quality of Life

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Latest Update

1MDB has completed its CSR programmes except a few which it remains committed to until fruition. There will be no new activities.

1MDB also believes in helping the underprivileged enjoy a better quality of life. We strive to carry out initiatives that benefit entire communities, as well as giving individuals opportunities to move up the value chain and improve their lives.

Construction of rumah arau

1MDB has built 12 rumah araus in remote areas of Sarawak to provide basic but comfortable shelter for pre-schoolers while they attend school.  Rumah arau is a halfway house located near a school where pre-schoolers who live too far for a daily commute can seek temporary shelter during the school week. Too young to stay at the school hostel, pre-schoolers stay in rumah araus accompanied by their mothers, who bring along younger children.  

1Malaysia Mobile Clinics (Klinik Bergerak 1Malaysia KB1M)

A collaboration with the Ministry of Health to provide quality basic medical care to people in rural and remote areas. KB1M operates on a regular schedule, arriving at a location once every two weeks. The team of professionals, led by a doctor, provides complete basic healthcare services that are easily accessible by villagers. Buses ply the routes in Peninsular Malaysia while in Sarawak, a boat operates up and down Sungai Baram.

Projek Majudiri

A pilot project with the aim of improving the quality of life for small entrepreneurs and people from low income groups by enhancing their soft skills and business acumen. This project provides participants with the right skills needed to improve their business capabilities which, in turn, will change their lives for the better.

Kojadi Micro Credit Scheme for Youths

A collaboration with Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad (Kojadi) to help young entrepreneurs establish new start-ups or expand their existing business.

Contribution to the National Heart Institute

1MDB contributed to the National Heart Institute’s research to embark on new technology to treat mitral valve regurgitation, making the Institute a leading centre in South East Asia to practice this breakthrough heart treatment.