Latest Update

1MDB has completed its CSR programmes except a few which it remains committed to until fruition. There will be no new activities.

Building a Brighter Malaysia

1MDB helps create opportunities for Malaysians to build a brighter future for themselves and collectively build a brighter nation. We strive to bridge gaps and remove barriers for disadvantaged communities to enjoy a better quality of life.

Our CSR programmes are selected according to the following guidelines:

  • Benefits of each project reach beyond the direct beneficiaries and will also be felt by their families and communities.
  • Help narrow key gaps among the people towards achieving 1MDB’s mission to drive long term sustainable economic development for the country.

Forging Partnerships, Advancing Growth

1MDB embarks on strategic partnerships with various organisations to ensure our CSR initiatives reach the intended target.

Our partners are chosen based on their expertise in the subject matter and their familiarity with the communities involved. In most cases, we empower our partners to identify potential beneficiaries and run the programmes, with support and funding from our CSR arm, Yayasan 1MDB.

Our focus

With our goal in mind, Yayasan 1MDB activities are based on three focus areas: