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1MDB will answer Tony Pua at PAC hearings
1MDB will answer Tony Pua at PAC hearings

1MDB will answer Tony Pua at PAC hearings

We refer to YB Tony Pua’s recent demand for 1MDB to publish minutes of its Board of Directors’ meetings.

1MDB has submitted authentic company documents, including its Board of Directors minutes, to lawful authorities investigating the company, such as PDRM and the Auditor-General. This is per due process and the laws of our country.

The Auditor-General has confirmed its final report will be ready before year end. This will be submitted to the bi-partisan Public Accounts Committee (PAC), of which YB Tony Pua is a member. The PAC will then present its findings to Parliament, upon which all relevant information will be available to the general public.

Rather than wait for investigations to conclude, YB Tony Pua continues to raise premature questions, without evidence, in his attempt to score political points. 1MDB, however, remains focused on cooperating with the investigations by the lawful authorities. In fact, we look forward to answering YB Tony Pua - per due process and with all supporting evidence - at the upcoming PAC hearings.