Press Release

1MDB yet to receive official notification from BNM
1MDB yet to receive official notification from Bank Negara

1MDB yet to receive official notification

1MDB notes media reports this evening on certain statements in relation to 1MDB, attributed to the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

1MDB has not yet received any official correspondence or confirmation from BNM on the specific matters attributed to the Governor today. We are, therefore, unable to comment further.

However, we highlight that 1MDB has in the course of the past 12 months, fully cooperated to the extent possible with BNM investigations, including providing documentary evidence where available.

1MDB is committed to continued cooperation with BNM and will provide any further information that may be required by BNM, to the extent that 1MDB has in its possession or is possible under the law.

1MDB earlier today completed the sale of its Edra energy assets sale to CGN Group. We trust that this significant milestone and the associated debt reduction will not be overshadowed by the comments attributed to the Governor of BNM.

We further highlight that 1MDB remains focused on its rationalisation plan, the positive benefit of which was commented on by the ratings agency Moody’s today.

This success has been achieved in spite of the calculated efforts of detractors, to generate negative headlines in the face of positive developments.