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Arul Kanda: I Accept the Challenge
Arul Kanda: I Accept the Challenge

YB Tony Pua has challenged me this morning to a "live talk show" with him. I hereby accept his challenge and look forward to answering his questions.

It is a known fact that YB Tony Pua is a member of the Public Accounts Committee, which is in the midst of conducting an investigation into 1MDB. In order to maintain the integrity of the PAC’s investigation, and to avoid any conflict of interest, YB Tony Pua must first resign from the PAC.

Despite his efforts to do so, YB Tony Pua cannot be judge, jury and executioner. As such, I trust he will have the courage to do the right thing and resign from the PAC in order for us to have, in his words, a "no-holds barred" discussion on live television.


Arul Kanda, President & Group Executive Director