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Innocent until proven guilty
Innocent until proven guilty

Innocent until proven guilty

1MDB notes a media report (The Malaysian Insider, 22 Sept 2015) on Public Accounts Committee (PAC) deputy chairman YB Dr Tan Seng Giaw's advice that one "can't say things based on hearsay".

In brushing off a call for the authorities to investigate every PAC member, YB Dr Tan said: "Give me evidence, you can't say things based on hearsay, what's the evidence? Give it to me. If you can't produce the evidence, you shouldn't say such things."

1MDB welcomes this profound advice of the eight-term MP for Kepong as timely and wise, to seek proof before making accusations and to uphold the rule of law, that one is innocent until proven guilty.

We trust YB Dr Tan will prescribe the same advice to his junior YB Tony Pua, who true to form, has issued another unproven allegation on 1MDB this morning. YB Tony Pua’s claim to fame is recycling unproven allegations on 1MDB. He waits for an unproven and sensationalist allegation to be made, then piggybacks on these allegations by repeating the same questions. When answers are given and facts shared, YB Tony Pua is proven wrong. However, he then ignores the facts, changes the topic and waits quietly for the next sensationalist and unproven allegation.

We further trust that YB Dr Tan will do the right thing, which YB Tony Pua refuses to do, that is demand a full and transparent enquiry on how confidential PAC documents landed in the laps of a foreign publication.