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No 1MDB Funds Went Into PM's Personal Accounts
No 1MDB Funds Went Into PM's Personal Accounts

1MDB has consistently maintained that it has not paid any funds to the personal accounts of the Prime Minister.

‪Following extensive investigations, this has been corroborated by multiple lawful authorities, who have confirmed that these funds came from Saudi Arabia.

‪Despite this, the Wall Street Journal continues to repeat the same allegations, without providing any concrete evidence to justify these claims.

‪We question the timing of this new round of attacks, coming as it does just days after 1MDB announced it had successfully completed the share sale and purchase agreement for Edra Global Energy Berhad.

‪Furthermore, we have confirmed our intention to repay RM6 billion of our debt in the coming weeks, which will result in all short-term debt being removed from the company’s balance sheet.

‪These actions reflect the significant success 1MDB has made with its rationalisation plan, and we remain committed to ensuring the conclusion of this process, despite the repeated attacks against the company.