Press Release

Probe more important
Probe more important than chicken challenge

We refer to the third press statement in as many days, on 1MDB, by YB Tony Pua. Despite prior clarification by 1MDB, YB Tony Pua persists with his provocative “chicken challenge" issued today.

We note that in his attempt to regurgitate, reuse and recycle old allegations, YB Tony Pua conveniently forgets the past clarifications on the issue of fund unit redemptions, by the Ministry of Finance, to Parliament. This is despite the fact that Arul Kanda has openly and publicly, on 10 June 2015, taken full responsibility for any past miscommunication on this matter. In fact, appropriate steps have been taken since the issue arose in March 2015 and 1MDB is pleased to confirm that no such miscommunication has happened, ever since.

1MDB fully acknowledges that YB Tony Pua raises many legitimate questions. We assure the Malaysian public that the lawful authorities investigating 1MDB, have asked the same questions, and more. In the interests of transparency, fairness and due process, Arul Kanda has publicly stated that “To me, what is important is that the investigations must continue, the truth and the facts must be made public by the independent investigators”.

Arul Kanda has further added, in relation to various demands for answers by 1MDB: “Don’t take our word for it; let the investigators do their work in a transparent and professional manner. That is more important”.

It is clear that YB Tony Pua is attempting to undermine the various ongoing investigations through his “chicken challenge". This is not the appropriate forum to establish the truth. 1MDB will not be distracted and will continue “full steam ahead” with our rationalisation plan. We aim to stabilise the company, continue to meet our debt obligations and deliver on our core projects: TRX, Bandar Malaysia and Edra Energy Berhad.