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YB Tony Pua: Don’t be a hypocrite
YB Tony Pua: Don’t be a hypocrite

YB Tony Pua: Don’t be a hypocrite

1MDB refers to a recycled and reused statement issued today by YB Tony Pua on the back of unproven and unsubstantiated allegations by the Wall Street Journal against 1MDB.

YB Tony Pua has yet again used his standard modus operandi on matters relating to 1MDB. Step one: wait for an unproven and sensationalist allegation to be made, preferably by foreign press. Then, shamelessly piggyback on these allegations by repeating the same questions. When answers are given and facts shared, Tony Pua is proven wrong.

However, he then ignores the facts, changes the topic, makes emotional statements and waits quietly for the next sensationalist and unproven allegation.

Contrary to the unsubstantiated allegations by the Wall Street Journal, 1MDB has raised valid questions based on concrete proof: i.e. the multiple arrogant admissions by the Wall Street Journal itself that it has reviewed documents which were part of the 1MDB investigation by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), of which YB Tony Pua is a key member.

This flagrant breach of Parliamentary procedure and the laws of Malaysia is shocking, to say the least.

Tony Pua claims it is his sworn duty to “... demand accountability and transparency ....” However, despite being a PAC member, he has remained silent as a mouse on this matter. One has to ask why this is the case. To avoid being a complete hypocrite, YB Tony Pua must now “walk the talk” and demand an immediate and thorough investigation on this serious breach of PAC and Parliamentary procedure.