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You can’t be 80% pregnant, Pua
You can’t be 80% pregnant, Pua

1MDB refers to the numerous comments by YB Tony Pua on the PAC Report today. Shockingly, YB Tony, having signed off without reservation on the PAC Report to Parliament, is now seeking to backpedal and question the contents of the report, saying that he is only 80% satisfied.

1MDB has provided to the National Audit Department (JAN) all documents in its possession. It has also explained to JAN why other documents could not be procured. YB Tony knows this yet persists with his recycled rantings.

The consensus report is a comprehensive and conclusive document. The PAC has asked the relevant enforcement agency to further investigate certain matters. YB Tony now needs to respect the collective will of the PAC, switch off the political rhetoric and allow the lawful authorities to do their job.