Helping Schools Achieve Their Goals


April 27, 2013 | The Star | Fadzilah Najumudeen |

'Dana PIBG' provides effective assistance through parent-teacher associations

PARENTS, teachers and students are grateful for the much-needed funding that their schools received under the "Dana Persatuan lbu Bapa dan Guru" (Dana PlBG or PTA Fund), which is one of the corporate social responsibility initiatives under Yayasan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Three schools in Kuala Lumpur - SK (L) Jalan Pasar 1, SK Dato' Abu Bakar and SMK (P) Bandaraya – were among the first batch of schools to receive the funds.

Using the RM11, 000 it received, SK (L) Jalan Pasar 1 has introduced a breakfast programme, which has brought tardiness and truancy down to zero.

Haiqal Iskandar, 10, said the programme had helped him improve in his studies and that he was now eager to go to school early.

"My results have improved and I feel more active in class. My mother is also able to save money as she does not have to give me pocket money," he said.

Besides the breakfast programme, the school also used the funds to provide pupils with schoolbags, stationery and reference books at the end of the school term last year.

Haiqal's mother, Aslina Aslam, said this had also helped relieve her financial burden.

"His siblings, aged eight and seven, are disabled and attending a boarding school. They require extra money for their expenses. I can use the money I saved on Haiqal for them," said the mother of four.

At SK Dato' Abu Bakar, where 34 out of its 38 pupils are children with special needs, the funds were used to organise living skills classes and therapy sessions for these students.

"My 12-year-old son, Ezziq Ahmad Hariri, is a special needs pupil and he enjoys attending the living skills classes, especially gardening, which helps him improve his motor skills," said Foziah Ahmad Bakir.

SMK (P) Bandaraya, which received RM50,000 from Dana PlBG, used the funds to hold extra classes, buy projectors as well as upgrade parts of the school.

The school's PTA chairman, Nizaruddin Asmuni, said the money was very useful.

"RM40,000 was spent to upgrade the school's infrastructure, making the environment more conducive and cheerful for the pupils. We also improved the school's landscaping and repainted the gates," he said.

  • Excerpt reproduced with the permission of The Star, Malaysia